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At MonfiaConnect we offer a wide range of services to meet all of your corporate marketing needs



At MonfiaConnect  we offer a wide range of Australian based hosting services designed to lower costs and increase productivity.

Photography, Videography

Photography, Videography

At MonfiaConnect we pride ourselves on delivering high end video and photographic solutions for your business, designed and tailored to uphold your corporate image.

Website Design

Website Design

Taking your brand to the masses through custom website design. At MonfiaConnect we aim to deliver powerful, expandable, future ready websites to meet your business needs.

Web Consulting

Web Consulting

Website Development, Online Sales, Marketing, Branding or Online Strategies.



Increasing the size of your sales funnel and boosting online profiles through both organic and paid services

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Custom email campaigns specifically designed to bypass spam filters and reach your target market. Coupled with user interaction statistics including open, click through, and conversion rates we can develop methods to deliver your products to your customers in the most effective ways possible.

Online Sales

Online Sales

Building revenue through driving customers to your physical store, to your phone number, reseller outlets or to your online store, MonfiaConnect has a solution to meet your needs.



Web Analytics, online marketing strategies, campaigns and tailored branding advice.


MonfiaConnect  can provide all of your video needs.

When it comes to digital marketing, no other form of communication is as effective as video. That's why at  MonfiaConnect  we provide a wide range of filming services, ranging from weddings to internet ads or even infomercials.

Servicing Armidale and the New England Region, we pride ourselves in filming projects large and small.
Being able to offer up to Cinematic 4K filming for all future video requirements, to 640p and below for low speed internet streaming.

Whatever the job is,  MonfiaConnect can help! Contact us today for a free quote.

Some of our work…

More of our work…

Website Design

Corporate Website Design

It wasn't that long ago that the emergence of the telephone radically changed the way in which businesses operated. Just as telephones changed the way in which consumers made buying decisions, the advent of the Internet is radically changing the seller buyer relationship.

With the development of advanced web technologies, it is now more than ever before easier and cheaper for a business to develop and maintain a fully customisable website that promotes their business and can open up whole new profit opportunities.

MonfiaConnect can provide you with a Multipage Website that is a straight forward extension of your existing business. From your Multipage Website you can track online traffic, synchronize posts with social media including Facebook, and easily update your Multipage Website as your business changes over time.

Best of all, MonfiaConnect will be there to help you every step of the way, so that your Multipage Website can become a natural part of the business you already know.

Already providing website design and website development to Armidale and the New England Region. At MonfiaConnect we pride ourselves on being able to offer expert advice not only on website development, but also insight on the key factors to get your website seen.

So many businesses have websites that are either under-performing, not designed for mobile devices, or are not dynamic. At MonfiaConnect we deliver the website that is right for your business designed to be upgradeable, editable, customisable and intergraded into your marketing strategies including all SEM, SEO, Email marketing and Social Networking.

For fast, professional, website designs with optional e-commerce capabilities, built to integrate with a comprehensive internet marketing plans or for a free initial website consultation, call MonfiaConnect.

For a free quote or any further information on website design, contact us today. 


Having a great product or excellent service is almost meaningless if you are not marketing it well. In an age in which competition is usually in no short supply, developing effective and efficient marketing strategies is crucial to any business success, however at MonfiaConnect we do not believe in simply pouring more money into your marketing budget but rather strategically investing into marketing streams from which you can measure the results.

It was John Wanamaker who was attributed with the saying "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half".

Unlike conventional forms of advertising, internet based advertising allows MonfiaConnect to target people who are likely to purchase your product and then to even measure the success for each individual dollar spent.

At MonfiaConnect we specialise in developing strategic online marketing plans to meet your customers with your business and the unique value propositions that your business offers them.

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Online Sales

With MonfiaConnect you can easily and quickly take your sales online!

With the abilities to track sales orders from your Online Store wherever you are, keep your inventory synchronised and easily update products from your computer, phone or tablet. Your Online Store can be integrated into your existing accounting software and can use POS software that runs directly from your iPad and synchronises with your Online Store automatically.

The Future is Digital Marketing

It wasn't that long ago that the emergence of the telephone radically changed the way in which businesses operated. Just as telephones changed the way in which consumers made buying decisions, the advent of the Internet is radically changing the seller buyer relationship.

With the development of advanced web technologies, it is now possible for businesses of all sizes to develop and maintain fully customisable websites, deliver advanced email campaigns and engage in internet marketing. This at first can seem intimidating, however the web can ultimately level the playing field and enable small and medium businesses to compete with much larger firms, without investing millions of dollars in up front capital. 

In an age of ever increasing speed, it has become more and more critical that SMEs in rural areas stay ahead of the curve. Once upon a time, many rural business could rely on being the go-to for local knowledge, competitive pricing and fast delivery.
Although for some businesses this may still be true, reports show that the majority of consumers are now looking towards the internet to inform and even provide their purchasing requirements with an estimated 78% of Australians purchasing online in 2013 according to a recent sensis survey.

The internet now plays such a critical role in any business model, and at MonfiaConnect, we're here to help.

By utilising a wide range of experience from our consultants, we are able to deliver to you the best possible outcomes and provide you with a range of digital marketing services and advice.

The time to get on the web is now!

Focused on sales…

At MonfiaConnect we focus on delivering solutions that build your profit and fill your sales funnels.

We're happy, when you're happy. We don't aim for shot term opportunities, but rather long term clients...


Professional Solutions, now affordable

At MonfiaConnect we are proud re-sellers of NEXTDC hosting services.

NEXTDC is an Australia's leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider and the fastest growing technology company in Australia. 

At MonfiaConnect we endeavor to utilize the latest technologies in order to increase the efficiency and lower costs for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 
By taking advantage of Australian based cloud services, we are able to provide to our clients reliable, redundant and cost effective solutions that can grow as your company grows.  


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