Xiro Drone Testing

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Xiro Drone Testing

Taking the XiroDrone for a maximum altitude test flight.

I can’t over emphasise how impressed I am with this drone. For a little under $1000, it is an absolute steal and has possibly the longest flight time of 25min in its class.

The only critique that I have towards it is that there is a fair amount of barrel distortion in the lens which you will be able to see in the posted video and the colours tend to lack depth.

Under Australian law the drone has a maximum altitude of 400ft or 120m however, I was provided with this work-around after which altitudes over 400m are meant to be attainable:

1. Fly the drone to the maximum height of 120m.
2. Once you have reached this height release the LEFT joystick so that it’s in the centre position.
3. Press the HOME button once.
4. Move the LEFT joystick UP to increase the altitude of our drone.

Not sure if it works, but would be keen to find out.

You can buy this drone from clicking here however, I would highly recommend shopping around. I managed to grab mine at Harvey Norman for a little over $800 aud.