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Online Sales

In 2016 71% of Australians over the age of 18 used the internet to make a purchase, 

81% used the internet to inform themselves about products and services

meanwhile, only  36% of SMEs take orders online.  

(According to the 2017 Sensis E Business Report)

MonfiaConnect can provide you with a Powerful CMS backed Online Store that is a straightforward extension of your existing business designed to integrate with accounting and inventory management solutions. Our Online Stores enable you to track online traffic, integrate posts with social media, expand your business into new sale frontiers, build email marketing lists, integrate sales across other online sale platforms and easily update as stock, products and sales occur.

MonfiaConnect ensures that your online store can become a natural part of the business you already know.

Providing website design and website development solutions to clients across Australia. At MonfiaConnect we pride ourselves on being able to offer expert advice not only on website development but also insight on the key factors to get your website seen while focusing on the bottom line.

Never before has it been so important to take your sales online, regardless of the product or service you specialise in, we’re here to help you reach new customers and new digital frontiers.

For fast, professional, website designs with optional e-commerce capabilities, built to integrate with a comprehensive internet marketing plans or for a free initial consultation, call MonfiaConnect today.

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Functionality to Suit Your Requirements.
Store Functionality and Expandability.

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