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Social Media Marketing

77% of Business to Business Companies have acquired customers through Facebook.

Twitter has 500 million daily users with 55-64 year olds being the fastest growing demographics.

80% of Pinterest users are female 69% of which have purchased or want to purchase via Pinterest.  

No online marketing is complete without a comprehensive social media marketing plan.
Social Media can provide excellent return to investment ratios and reach audiences of all ages.

With an increasing range of multimedia options available, we now have the ability to reach prospective buyers like never before. Not only can we run A/B testing to determine what messages are the most powerful, but we’re now able to gain insights, perspectives and data on your clientele that has never before been possible. Modern social media platforms provide in-depth data on client preferences, shopping history and demographics. What this means is that we’re able to not only build marketing campaigns designed to reach your target audience, but we’re also able to build multiple advertising campaigns on the same platform.

The power of social media marketing cannot be overestimated nor can its importance in building a complete online presence.

Social Media is challenging brands to not only to be proactive in brand awareness but to also be diligently reactive to negative publicity along with meeting legal and social obligations. MonfiaConnect can assist your business in drafting employee social media policies as well as developing policies and procedures for social media maintenance.

Whether it is to sell a product, raise brand awareness, engage customers, or to go viral. MonfiaConnect can help with your social media marketing needs. Call us today to talk to one of our consultants.

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